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White Jasmine is a home-counties based dedicated retailer of the beautiful St. Eval premium quality and ethically made candles and fragrances; all hand made in Cornwall.


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White Jasmine has for eight years, been a dedicated retailer of St. Eval products, which include their hand poured, ethically produced candles and fragrances from Cornwall. Proprietor of White Jasmine, Jill Walker, who lives near Tring in Hertfordshire, has built up an enviable knowledge of St. Eval products and has represented them at many prestigious events throughout the Home Counties, and is always delighted to be able to advise customers and to suggest what may be right for their homes. As well as finding Jill and White Jasmine at a range of local events, you can now also access the great range of St. Eval products online. Read on to find out more about what makes St. Eval so special, and please contact us for any further information. 

St. Eval at White Jasmine Christmas Collection

The history of St. Eval

St. Eval are a 25-year-old company based near Padstow in Cornwall, using artisan methods to produce their candles in the traditional way, hand pouring their unique blend of wax and fragrance to ensure they are produced to the highest quality for the longest burn. At White Jasmine, we truly believe in the quality and superiority of their products and are proud to represent the brand.

Natural ingredients

Inspired by their natural surroundings on their working farm in Cornwall, the candles and fragrances contain no animal products and use only natural ingredients. Sustainability is important at St. Eval, with people and the planet at the heart of everything they do. They pride themselves on being a carbon neutral manufacturer, and their dedication to sustainability makes us even prouder to be associated with their products.

A unique blend

St. Eval describe their production process as creating a unique blend of wax and fragrance, ensuring a consistent aroma and superior burn quality in each and every candle produced, from tea lights to multi-wick candles. The waxes used are a combination of mineral and vegetable waxes, blended to achieve a mix that gives superior performance, longer burn times, stability and reliability, and a fabulous scent throw. 

Hand poured candles

The unique St. Eval blend of wax and fragrance is then hand poured into a range of pots, tins and tealights. As described by the experts themselves, the wick is fixed to the base of the vessel and the wax poured in gradually, allowed to set and then gently topped up. During this process, to ensure a consistent and superior burn, great care is taken to avoid air pockets and fragrance reduction, enhancing your candle experience.

St. Eval at White Jasmine

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